PL-Lucente. Russia, Moscow.

Manufacture of hollow gold chains and bracelets.


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Averaged PL-Lucente plant productivity for 2013 in kilograms.

High quality gold products

PL-Lucente - the only one Russian company that owns a unique technology for the production of Italian masters gold hollow chains. High quality products made ​​possible by direct Italian control of the production process.


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Geography of our products

Thanks to the coordinated work of the team and production efficiency, gpld chains and bracelets PL-Lucente got its recognition throughout Russia.

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Our partners


  • Jeweller Trade
  • 585 GOLD
  • Moscow Jewelry Factory
  • Vashe zoloto
  • Yashma zoloto
  • Rostzoloto
  • 585
  • Zolotoy

Jewelcrafting of precious metals requires maximum accuracy. We pay attention to detail, both in production and in marketing. We have a trusting relationship with almost all partners. Production PL-Lucente open and transparent to the customer, on any given day you can come to visit us.


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